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01/14/13 at 03:07' uncle Pei told reporters, girls nickname Wenwen, after the tragedy, they see a small Wenwen out the door down to the ground not far right half of the skull has been deformed significantly by the grinding wheels rolling the traces they suspected the vehicle hit a small Wenwen fled the scene. , Changzhou, Traffic and Patrol Department is fully investigation the case, details pending further investigation. Girl â–¡ Express reporter Zhou Qing, Yao Bin, http://www.hollisterscoutletuk.org.uk , the scene was found lying on the ground half a brain already deformed pavilion Auto Parts Market is located in Changzhou City the Tianning in Wu Avenue North Plaza, Changzhou an auto, motorcycle accessories wholesale and retail market, inside shops, every day, many the size of vehicles entering and leaving. The tragedy occurred in the market within two rows of 42, the shop door. Yesterday, reporters on the scene saw the incident far away from the main road, the middle separated only by a row of window dressing room. No. 42 next to the shop door in a hallway direct connectivity to the road, a lot of the vehicles thus out of the market. Shop No, (...) . 42, the reporter found Wenwen uncle Bae. According to a PEI introduced, they Siyang people to often work for many years, opened a car shop in the auto parts market, Wenwen's mother is also in the store to help. Pei said the incident until now, Wenwen parents every day in tears, has been attached to a few nights did not sleep a wink. Just retrospect uprising hair the night scene, or see Wenwen age-matched children, they will cry on each other, the mood is very unstable, (...) . To reporters about the uprising after the Bae is reddish eyes, wiping away his tears with both hands from time to time. According to a PEI memories, more than 6:00 minutes on the evening of October 21, 2011, (...) , (...) , the mother of his cultural text in the store for dinner, do not know when, Wenwen followed two sisters went to the front of the store to play, the tragedy will thus occur. Few adults are dinner, Wenwen aunt suddenly heard outside shouting children hurt Wenwen mother heard Fangxiawankuai the first rushed out. Followed by Bae and several other relatives also ran out to see Wenwen head east, lying on the floor, the right half of the head has been deformed head bleeding profusely. Seeing this, Wen Wen mother suddenly paralyzed sitting on the ground with tears. See the child Shangdebuqing, Bae and relatives while call 110, while notice Wenwen father. 6:30 Wenwen father come back from the outside to see her daughter seriously and immediately picked up and sprinted all the way, http://www.isabelmarantfr8sneakers.com , and sent to the nearby People's Hospital, http://www.hollisterccdeonlineshop.com , simple dressing treatment, around 19:00, it was sent to Children's Hospital of Changzhou. But the end result of his injuries, small text or in the evening left the dead. About small Wenwen lovely popular adult favorite Wenwen exactly how to play with out, we did not pay attention. "Pei said, in the past, children in the store, the big people have seen relatively tight, never out of sight , I did not expect such a thing accidentally. Bae said sadly, small Wenwen 2009 born in Siyang home soon after birth will immediately parents came to Changzhou, he is watching the kids grow up a little bit. Small Wenwen usually lovely, smart, http://www.isabelmarantfr8sneakers.com , especially talking saw adults on aunts, uncles called away, very likable. Give them a family, a small babbling Wenwen brought endless joy. In the interview site, a few shops around business households, told reporters the day of October 21, saw small Wenwen after the accident, and they were very sad, "such a lovely child, how to say no no." in an accident not long ago, Wenwen mother while eating side and we said, going to the next day to the small text Cultural buy a big cake to celebrate his birthday, I did not expect , (...) ... "Speaking of which, Pei a choked. Pei said, before the accident, Wenwen uncle holding Wenwen make her happy, I did not expect it became the last hold. Tragedy uncle rushed out from the opposite shop, and see just still alive and kicking Wenwen has been down in a pool of blood, and trembling took out his cell phone alarm, she spoke they burst into tears. Families of children head from injury who have been grinding wheels rolling small Wenwen accident took place in the 42 No. shop door five or six meters. Reporters on the scene saw yesterday, the tragedy has occurred four days, but the blood on the ground is also faintly visible. Bae also said that the site of the incident more than 50 meters away from the intersection, there is a surveillance camera, but it may be due to the time of the incident it was dark, point of view is not clear a car accident after a video. Two shops, close to the small Wenwen accident site was all closed, so they have asked, the surrounding businesses no one witnessed what has happened. Bae briefed reporters on the small Wenwen how was knocked down, they did not see. Wait until the discovery of the adults, the children fell to the ground unconscious. From the head injury certainly was grinding wheels rolling. After the incident, the family members of suspected small Wenwen was hit by a car, so onlookers to the scene who asked whether vehicle passes. At that time, a man said to them, http://www.hollisterscoutletuk.org.uk , shortly after the accident, the man happened to drive into the market, will car head-on with a silver JAC Refine MPV. Refine MPV is pulled out of the small aisle Wenwen accident site. Wenwen aunt is the first to discover the child's accident, according to her, was that she is from the outside toilet back, approaching the front of the store, I saw small Wenwen fell to the ground. "At first I thought the kids wrestling, ready to go help her, (...) ." The aunt said, small Wenwen tummy face down, her up just propped child situation felt wrong, http://www.hollisterfrance1magasin.fr , body limp, then saw the head, with a ground share of blood. "I knew something was wrong, so shouting the Wenwen mother come out quickly, and so I put children on the ground, his head has begun a large number of Maoxue there brains, (...) ." Pei said, after the incident, they learned from the Police Department has locked the two suspect vehicles, a silver Refine MPV before mentioned, there is a Great Wall Cool Bear. As for who hit Wenwen, they do not know, can only wait for the results of the police investigation. Police traffic accidents, whether to escape the need to investigate yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the Children's Hospital of Changzhou, the evening of October 21, the small Wenwen family to the hospital, doctors discovered severe head injuries, the side has been flat . According to the doctors who participated in the rescue of the small Wenwen face pale, mydriasis, eyes, nose, ears filled with blood, no longer heartbeat signs. Subsequently, (...) , the hospital to take immediate measures to rescue. 17 minutes after the rescue, the end result of his injuries, declaring she died. Subsequently, the reporter tried to understand the case of the latest progress from Changzhou Traffic and Patrol Department, once to find out the truth immediately relevant responsible person said, the investigation unit is currently full investigation, http://www.hollisterfrance1magasin.fr , but is certainly a traffic accident, whether to escape the need for further investigation, to the public. Then, the reporter call the investigation unit to host this case police officers, the police officer, said he is crime scene investigation, details pending further investigation.
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