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01/13/13 at 20:02To have a look ,these are my broken ... ... Liu Guangying was greeted us ,aside from the back room with a big box ,the box is full of be riotous with colour ,different forms of origami ,the animal most .
Monkeys ,tigers ,camels ,kangaroos and a variety of birds ,painting features ,with attitude ,let a person feel suddenly entered a condensed version of the animal world .In fact, at present these are just the tip of the iceberg ,this already 88 years old ,can break out of 130 kinds of patterns ,and most of them are original .
The old man home about origami has could not say the words ,it is not ,and open ... ... The old technology of miniature animal world by fold out old man can break out of 130 kinds of pattern little room ,have been greatly small origami heaped ,five of a meter at the big white ,also covered with all kinds of patterns with .
The old man is very careful ,different types of origami separately placed ,birds ,mammals ,electrical appliances ,instruments ... ... Each class has a different shape , http://www.louboutinpascherboutique.fr .A lion ,cast the limb forward run, also did not forget to have a look back to everybody ,systemic small gray monkey ,he stood on one leg ,while still a head ,very naughty .
Look at this . The old fingers suddenly more small doll ,colorful clothes ,cute face ,even small braids . This is the finger of dolls, fun . A finger ,baby like to nod ,the elderly said, do ,also stole saucy smile .
Skill comes. ,lies can origami Liu Guangying origami has been for 62 years ,from 1949 when the primary school teacher ,she began to wonder about origami . Origami is to allow students to gain a better understanding of the .
When there is no projector , (...) ,I broke out for children ,let them have a look the lion look like the tiger ,then what is it like . General folding out bird without legs ,but Liu Guangying breaks out there .
The lion is like a ball ,the leopard tail is straight , http://www.sacgivenchyccfr.com ,even animal walk posture ,she asks herself as realistic as possible . General origami books teach ,is too abstract ,according to fold their children don what ,such not .
It is with this idea ,Liu Guangying will often mounted on a folding head .What the birds with what color ,what animal what habits ,this is a stress .In order to make origami is more authentic and beautiful ,Liu Guangying wears glasses ,watching TV every day ,tell the bird species and color ,and then use the brush pen with a little depiction in the folded pattern .
Sometimes to a detail, the elderly can appetite to several days . ,in order to fold a mantis claw , (...) ,she continued to four days and four nights ,shear test ,shear test ,until satisfied .
Liu Guangying Cheng Qiuping is also sometimes get old ., like this ,no way . Now Liu Guangying can break out of 130 kinds of patterns ,not only can sit and fold ,even to sleep lying down, also can be folded up ,skill comes.
. The old man is very modest .The reporter experiences origami is not easy looked at the old man break easy, fold out pattern also so beautiful ,the reporter also tempted to follow two strokes .
Liu Guangying is very enthusiastic, hand and teach journalists - finger doll . First of all put a rectangular white paper folded into four square ,must the edge angle alignment ,or the back will be out of shape .
.. , (...) ... The elderly do on the edge .A few paces , (...) ,journalists can barely make a shape ,although some crooked folded ,but still up, but the later is more appear , scissors cut a semicircle from here ,and then .
, http://www.hollisterfrance1magasin.fr .. , http://www.isabelmarantfr8sneakers.com ... Liu Guangying looked neat and quick cut out of a doll head shape ,the reporter is not impossible, http://www.isabelmarantfr8sneakers.com , only copy ,brave cut several ,one can imagine the results .Fortunately, Liu Guangying patience ,not to mind taking the trouble to teach several times, finally managed to cut a personal appearance .
The original origami look simple ,but it is not so easy .The old man to free a book ,teach skills although legs some inconvenient ,but Liu Guangying is restless ;although the doctor told her not to sedentary ,and even did not support her origami ,but the old man still not .
Not only their own every fold ,often at home to teach the kids around .In 2010, a school teacher learns of Liu Guangying origami ,also specially takes his students to learn , http://www.hollisterfrance1magasin.fr , children are lovely ,also very like origami ,can teach what they like ,I feel very happy .
Folding time, old heart one desire is increasingly urgent ,hope that the book itself ,without any compensation, looking forward to this art handed down , (...) . Now young people learn origami rarely ,I worried that one day there will be no one to origami .
I hope I can make myself these years of experience and method ,write a book ,so that everyone can learn origami .What I don return ,just want to make this art handed down , (...) . Yang Ling Qian

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