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01/13/13 at 21:07'Living Dead' Report came out." Closure of the original company no such person "for 10 years, this man is still alive, is a very bizarre thing." According to the complaint letters described, the parties Wang 10 years ago in waters Panyu Dagang a drowning disappearance "death". "10 years ago, Wang what happened what happened " Dagangshan police station handling police said, this inside story, if the report is true, is no trivial matter. Police investigators did not rush to get in touch with the informants, the parties, but by investigating each complaint letters. Police first came to the letter referred to Wang, who once worked in Panyu Lingshan a company, (...) . Police found, had indeed there is such a company, but due to poor management, has closed down a few years ago, the company's go go, http://www.louboutinpascherboutique.fr , the bulk of casual crew can find them, no one heard Wang a people. "Do Report in the report letter Wang is a fake " The police mind slightly puzzled. Employer of the time of the incident appeared the first thoroughly without success, but police investigators did not give up. They contacted the informer. According to the informants said, the contents of the letter said Wang himself. Report claims that Wang readme 10 years ago, in sailor the Guangzhou Panyu Dagangshan done, and then back home to do business, start-up capital is to cheat in Panyu back. Today a dispute with others, was compelled to speak out the old stories. "The content is not really the case Accidentally fell into the water when this man, and now really still alive " By nearby fishermen visited the police finally found a boatman. Fortunately, called Du boss, claiming he is the Wang when employers. Du boss said, 10 years ago, that an employee involved "killed", he also lost money for. The sailor drowning "victims compensated 38,000 yuan, the wife did not expect a thing of the past 10 years, Du boss Wang still deep impression. Du boss Wang 10 years ago, fell into the disappearance to the police about. Du boss recalled that when Wang work very responsible. Du boss clearly remember, May 22, 2000, Wang is washing the deck of the ship, a sudden gust of wind blowing, Hull fierce swing, Wang fall river. "Everyone everywhere to find he could not find, so the alarm." Du boss said, after the time of the police station rushed to the scene, the police officers after the on-site survey to determine indeed missing fell into the water, then the full search. "But to find four or five days, and in any case can not be found, thinking about possible victims, but could not find the remains." Du boss said when he launched the crew searched the surrounding waters, but are not Wang news. "Health not people, dead but not the corpse, Wang went missing from the Du boss, then little skeptical, (...) , but could not find a person, doubts can only be buried in the heart. Du boss also provides another important clue to the police. "According to the labor law, the occurrence of fell into this thing needs 40,000 yuan in compensation. Later, after consultation, I lost 38,000." Recalls Elsie boss said, after the incident, Wang's wife, Lee, to his sobbing trouble, Du boss must make compensation. Lee demanded a compensation of 50,000 yuan, after mutual consultation, compensation finally set at 3.8 million. "Until now, I have misgivings about Wang's disappearance, Wang could swim, why all of a sudden it was missing Alive or dead is difficult to say." Du boss said, http://www.louboutinpascherboutique.fr , although they are not sure, but because to find less than human, can only default facts, costing $ 3.8 million. According to the recalls Elsie boss, Lee made compensation Jin Houli left Guangzhou, returned to his hometown. "Cheat Death" cheat compensation fled back to his hometown after 10 years, http://www.hollisterccfrmagasin.com , Wang is in the end is alive or dead, Du boss is not known. In 10 years, in the end what Wang why they come back from the dead " The truth, until 10 years after the letter to this report, and was able to light the world. "Wang did not die! After compared with informers and information provided by the police in Sichuan than found, indeed the same person." Panyu Police Contact Sichuan Nanchong police found after than, 10 years ago, the "death" of the king a currently operating in Sichuan timber small business. The police found that Wang compensation fraud then returned to his hometown after so many years living in the home. The Panyu police immediately to Wang's home to investigate. For the sudden appearance of the police, Wang was very surprised. "Police investigators said Wang quickly confessed 10 years ago, (...) , the fraud modus facts together wife. Police investigation on suspicion of fraud after Wang back to Guangzhou. Original year stumble drowning, Wang, a good water-based on our own to swim to shore. Just escaped disaster Wang then I thought, this is a golden fortune good opportunity. "I'm good water and swam to shore after much deliberation, I feel this is a good opportunity to make a fortune, since I fell into things know, you can take the opportunity to win a fortune." Wang explained that, after landing, he immediately hit telephone and his wife to discuss, you can knock the company a sum of money, (...) , his wife also think you can, so they talk a good division of labor deception. Wang immediately hide the wife Lee is responsible for the shipping companies downtown with relatives, (...) , conspired to defraud the company compensation. It is understood that after defrauding 38,000 yuan, Wang this as a capital, returning home to start a small business. "I never thought things over 10 years, I was caught by the police." Come to chase the police, Wang said with emotion, never expected that, since that is seamless, without anybody knowing things that even after 10 years of inadvertent exposure. Reporters learned from the police, suspected fraud, Wang and his wife Lee has been the public security organs in criminal detention. The lawyers say, or because of the prosecution period from criminal liability Wang and his wife set up Bureau cheat death compensation fraud, and now to uncover the truth. But things have been 10 years, Wang couples the subject to what kind of punishment Vain then lost $ 3.8 million employers Du boss whether you want to back this money wasted Guangdong Bo Hao law firm, said Huang Weidong, Wang and his wife this Cheat Death cheat compensation behavior constituted a crime of fraud, according to the law should be held criminally responsible. But in accordance with the provisions of the "Criminal Law", to defraud the amount of public and private property, is liable to three years imprisonment, criminal detention or control, http://www.hollisterscoutletuk.org.uk , and concurrently or fine gold. However, in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal prosecution period, the maximum punishment prescribed is dissatisfied with 5 years in prison for the crime, not be prosecuted after five years. Therefore, Wang and his wife can not be subject to criminal prosecution. However, (...) , in civil matters, according to the relevant provisions of the General Principles of the Civil Law of China on the limitation of actions, the parties to the court to request the protection of civil rights litigation limitation period for two years, (...) . The limitation of action knew or should have known that the right has been violated from the calculation, http://www.hollisterfrance1magasin.fr , that is, the employer Du boss since know that within two years from the date of the fraud to the courts, and asked Wang and his wife, compensation for losses. Du boss in addition to before you can request a refund fraud of $ 3.8 million, you can also claim compensation for the loss of interest in accordance with the Bank's interest rate. According to "Information Times"

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