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01/13/13 at 21:36's attorney, said: "This is the victory of the law." If you want to retroactive Chongqing labor camp for error correction, " side shoots "is a must to mention the figures, the case happened to him" lump of feces, Chongqing reeducation through labor appointed in plain sight against the case. Side shoots, whose real name is Fang Hung, Chongqing Fuling District. Fang Hung, on April 22 last year, thinking microblogging only friends can view "after the news learned that the the Li Zhuang the" Louzui case withdrawn sued Tencent microblogging published a "The erection is to defecate cook your feces eating called Wang Lijun, Wang Lijun end to the Procuratorate, the Procuratorate end to court, the court called Li Zhuang eat, the Li Zhuang lawyer said he was not hungry, who defecate who eat this subside to Dr. Wang he masters defecate, he does not eat, (...) , who to eat remarks. Post issued two days after asking Fang Hung Chongqing Fuling District Public Security Bureau decided their administrative detention for 10 days. The same day, the the labor camp Commission of Chongqing Fang Hung served on the Chongqing Municipal People's Government of reeducation through labor management committee hearing this book. Inform the book said, because of Fang Hung fictional facts, spread rumors, seriously disrupting social order ", to be decided according to Article X of the pilot scheme" of "reeducation through labor provisions of paragraph (d) of the year of his re-education through labor, and revoke the detention decision. April 28, 2011, Chongqing reeducation through labor reeducation through labor Committee to make trial (2011) 1662 reeducation through labor written decision that Fang Hung disrupt social order case, http://www.hollisterscoutletuk.org.uk , the facts are clear, there is ample evidence. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the labor camp, decided the other Honglao moving upbringing and sent to Chongqing Fuling reeducation through labor drug treatment, the execution. On April 24 this year, has been labor camp for one year and one day of Fang Hung was relieved to reeducation through labor. May 8, Fang Hung bring an administrative lawsuit to the Intermediate People's Court of Chongqing sued Chongqing the Detention Commission's labor camp decision illegal. On June 29, the case three in Chongqing Intermediate People's Court held a public hearing. The case was referred to as the "Chongqing error correction the first case. Court held that the Fang Hung with the screen name "side shoots" Tencent microblogging comments, although the rhetoric is indecent, but does not belong to spread rumors, also did not cause serious consequences to disrupt social order, but also do not have the "serious endangering social order and national interests, "the basic elements. Chongqing labor camp entrusted Fang Hung fictional facts, to disturb the social order of reeducation through labor year the decision is unclear facts, insufficient evidence. In the course of a hearing, the court held that the respondent re-education through labor is the decision illegal, this should be revoked. But because of the compulsory administrative measures have been implemented, does not have a revocable, so according to the decision to confirm the re-education through labor illegal. Court pronouncement in favor of the Si Weijiang made micro-Bo, Fang Hung's attorney, said: "This is the victory of the law." Reeducation through labor complaint transit station Fang Hung said, but now he seems to have become "the complaint transit station" to become a lawyer bridges and linkages between inmates. For this role, Fang Hung said he likes, and he hoped to bring about a change in labor education system through their typical case of reeducation through labor. Fang Hung succeeded in a direct dialogue with the the labor camp Commission of Chongqing, he did not forget that the same Fuling labor camps have been wronged brothers sentenced to reeducation through labor. Fang Hung said that the lifting of the labor camp, leaving the labor camp, he had promised to help rescue them. The Student Village Renjian Yu is one of them. The Jiangjin District stone frog town off the 25-year-old Ren Jianyu Village, after graduation in 2009, he was admitted to the civil service, the deployment of family planning work to Pengshui county Yu, Town. August 17 last year, the Chongqing police find Ren Jianyu recorded its QQ space to investigate, and found a large number of "reactionary" freedom of speech, and to find a "lack of freedom or give me death" "irrefutable evidence" T-shirts. Many "reactionary" evidence, Ren Jianyu carry charges of "inciting subversion of state power", and therefore criminal detention. September 17, 2011, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau submitted to the People's Procuratorate to arrest Renjian Yu. On September 23, the Chongqing Municipal People's Procuratorate Branch "slight case circumstances of the crime, there is little risk, and is not considered a crime" not approved the arrest. But the Ren Jianyu still lose free. Procuratorate refused approval of arrest, Renjian Yu received the written decision of the labor camp for two years. Drug rehabilitation centers, reeducation through labor in Fuling The Ren Jianyu recognize the same "because speech crimes" Hung. Regained his freedom, Fang Hung has been actively for Ren Jianyu things running. August 21 this year, Ren Jianyu v. Chongqing reeducation through labor Committee in Chongqing Three in hospital formally opened the trial, and on the 10th of this month. The course of the trial, the court grounds of "major case," did not in court for sentencing. "Reeducation through labor" won the first, a lot of the same labor camp for being wronged find Fang Hung, able to learn from his own complaint. Fang Hung said, but now he seems to have become "the complaint transit station, the bridge links between lawyers and inmates. For this role, Fang Hung said he likes, and he hoped to bring about a change in labor education system through their typical case of reeducation through labor. Adhere elution imposed life tainted Yang Cao said, if the complaint is not time, he complaint a second time to win back his innocence must use the rest of your life. Change of re-education through labor system able to push through their own misfortune, but also inmates Yang Cao (a pseudonym) wish. At the same time, he is eager been wronged as early as possible to overthrow the detention decision, only a stain wash away in the archives of his life. In 2009, Yang Cao Chongqing labor camp committee identified as "fraud" and sentenced to reeducation through labor for one year. This is mainly because of the fraud at fast-food restaurants operated by his wife for a long time to eat and drink, and paid the bill. Without the knowledge of Yang Cao was identified "fraud syndicate. The same time, he occasionally sent for his wife to store oil, http://www.hollisterccdeonlineshop.com , rice, has also been identified as a "scam driving logistics services. Itself is a businessman, after being lifted to the labor camp decision, Yang Cao has been low-key to continue doing business. However, it was a "reeducation through labor" has been branded among his household registration information. One detail still bear a grudge, his car this year stopped routine inspection by the police, the police through the police through a brush his identity card, with strange eyes staring at him, asked: "What are you doing now "line of work and do business." Yang Cao answer, the police will be reminded, (...) , he said: "That you do things to pay attention to the point ......" not waiting for the police to finish, Yang Cao said hastily: "Comrade, I was wronged. "Even so, kind of a strange look still strafing him in Yang Cao. Yang Cao said, he was very petulant, the anger psychological straight Maniang, but bad before the police attack, http://www.abercrombiemilanoccit.com . Because of this, Yang Cao has commissioned lawyers and in Starsky friends complaint, hope for an early eluting originally not some charges. Yang Cao said, if the complaint once does not win back his innocence, his second complaint, be sure to use the rest of my life time. Attack Yubei District, Peng Hung wait and see who is the first to help Detention lurkers find Fang Hongxi Hebei. Case in favor because the "lump of feces" he saw the hope of a return to the innocence of the body. Yubei District, Peng Hung, was the first find Fang Hongxi Hebei help Detention lurkers, http://www.louboutinoutletccuk.com , cook your feces "case in favor of let him see the hope of a return to the innocence of the body, (...) . 37-year-old Peng Hung, see a major media used in the End of the World Forum in September 2009 in Chongqing "anti-crime" action destroyed Wen Qiang, Chongqing's former Justice Secretary, called an "umbrella "pictures. The picture is an umbrella, the edges of the umbrella hanging and Li Qiang sinister molecules, Wen Qiang Li et al above picture. Wen Qiang, head, there is a picture of Peng Hung saw this picture and other "umbrella" The only difference is, no facial features, but the discerning eye through that head type to see that it is the former mayor of Chongqing, Wang × × . Copy found this interesting Peng the flood took this picture pasted on, he "umbrella good strange yo" as the theme forwarded to the End of the World Community Chongqing Forum. Posts sent out not long after, Peng Hung computers the lower right corner to bring up a small box, the contents of the effect is to make it clear to the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau Network Supervisor Corps. Scared Peng Hung suddenly pop up a small box, but he did not go to network supervisor Corps, and gradually faded away from the matter. By mid-October 2009, the Chongqing the network supervisor Corps and the jurisdiction of the police station door requirements Peng Hung went to the police station and made a record. October 14, Peng Hung criminal detention. Five days later, he was sent to Xishanping labor camp began two years of labor camp life. Allegedly on charges of "defamation". Be commutation of the sentence to 33 days due to good performance in the labor camp on September 10 last year, Peng Hung lifting of reeducation through labor. Came out, he has been waiting to see, until Fang Hung "cook your feces" case in favor before he entered. August 26 this year, Peng Hung arrived from the main city of Chongqing Fuling, hope to get the help of Fang Hung. Briefing after listening Peng Hung Fang Hung behalf Peng Hung Contact media reporter, and had made it public. Due to the considerable attention of the public opinion, Peng Hung Chongqing reeducation through labor Committee issued the revocation of reeducation through labor decided on September 10 this year to get a book. The written decision that the original reeducation through labor reeducation through labor Committee Peng Hung decided to improper revocation of reeducation through labor Peng Hung's original decision. Similar wait-and-see there was a thread on committing to disturb the crime of Chongqing Youyang people Xiesu Ming labor camp. His 41-year-old, because the disgust home environment, went to Guangzhou whole wait-and-see year. The hearing of the case of Fang Hung the favor and Renjian Yu case, he said, gave him back his innocence confidence. Currently, (...) , there is some hope to be able to get out of "reeducation through labor" the shadow lurkers with his or directly contact lawyer Pu Zhiqiang Fang Hung said. Error correction 'difficult' or police internal error correction can be considered lucky in the current. More have been wronged labor camp for those who want to solve the problem through litigation channels, but lie in front of them 'difficult to let this injustice to continue. 'Or police internal error correction can be considered lucky in the current, http://duveticait8.webnode.it . More have been wronged labor camp for those who want to solve the problem through litigation channels, but lie in front of them 'difficult to let this injustice to continue. Huang Cheng Cheng is typical of this group. The 29-year-old Huang Cheng Cheng Chongqing Bishan County. From February 20 to March 17 last year, he was released on Tencent Weibo 2:30 pm this Sunday, I was in Chongqing Jiefangbei McDonald take what flowers spend (money to spend, casually spend tempered flowers) you ...... "speech. He did not think these remarks Chongqing the labor camp Commission after accepting that the content of the speech allegedly inciting subversion of state power, Chongqing reeducation through labor appointed according to the decision of the State Council on the issue of re-education through labor ", Article of the Supplementary Provisions of the State Council on the re-education through labor" into the city two years of re-education through labor "reeducation through labor Trial Measures" with the relevant provisions of Section 10 (b), a fine yellow. Huang Cheng Cheng's sister Haiyan after the query above provisions found "reeducation through labor Trial Procedures Section 10 (b) provides that the contents of the" gang murder, robbery, rape, arson and other criminal gangs, not criminal sanctions. Haiyan said, even if guilty, Huang Cheng Cheng detention Commission reference count basis is wrong, not to mention the yellow into the city without sin. To this end, Haiyan apply for administrative reconsideration. In the process of administrative reconsideration, http://www.abercrombieparismagasin.fr , the the labor camp Commission of Chongqing for such an obvious error, still insist that "the use of legal inappropriate. But in the results of the administrative reconsideration decision, Chongqing labor camp Commission to make a correction notice that the reeducation through labor written decision on the Section 10 (a) of paragraph (b) mistakenly written. This provoked more Haiyan adhere brother cleared of errors labor camp for the determination of the decision through legal means. On May 14 last year, Huang Haiyan first submitted to the First Intermediate People's Court of Chongqing Municipality refuses to accept the decision of the administrative bill of complaint labor camp, but it was rejected. The court did not assigning any written determination or reply. Since then, Haiyan has eight times submit a bill of complaint to the Chief, but the result is still the court rejected the case. Last face in court and Chongqing labor camp committee had said direct confrontation lawyer Si Weijiang Although Chongqing Municipal Committee in error correction maelstrom labor camp, but they obviously illegal labor camp decision even Liquciqiong still refuses to admit error . Refused to admit the obvious error of law attitude, Chongqing labor camp committee continues to court, (...) . And the labor camp Commission of Chongqing court direct confrontation lawyer Si Weijiang, although the the labor camp Commission of Chongqing in error correction maelstrom the obvious illegal labor camp decided they even Liquciqiong still refused to admit its mistakes. At the same time, from the current error correction reeducation through labor case with the case is active error correction the labor camp Commission of Chongqing. Only inmates dare to jump out to innocence, attracted media attention or was referred to the Court, The Chongqing labor camp Commission before error correction. The Sri Lanka WeiJiang think, "This is particularly heinous. He believes that the the labor camp Commission reluctant to publicly admit error, related to the concept of governance and Chongqing senior leadership with the face of the labor camp Commission. The labor camp Commission final face battle in the Chongqing Third Court judge with Ren Jianyu a conversation embodies head, http://hollisters8it.webnode.it . Renjian Yu's attorney in its transcripts, listening to Ren Jianyu about the afternoon of October 18, Chongqing Three in hospital administrative court judge had talked to him. The judge told Renjian Yu, "you win the case, the Chongqing Municipal the labor camp Commission also willing to revoke the labor camp decision. Directly sentenced to reeducation through labor appointed lose the labor camp Commission face life difficult for. The judge recommended Renjian Yu and labor camp Commission to negotiate terms. The day after the conversation with the judge, Chongqing labor camp Commission staff revocation of reeducation through labor decision problem find Ren Jianyu talks. The Ren Jianyu proposed revocation of the detention decision to restore the identity and work, and demanded compensation for the three conditions. Talks, Chongqing the labor camp Commission staff that Ren Jianyu, or should labor camp. This Renjian Yu can not accept. The Sri Lanka WeiJiang Chongqing fully vindicated the decision errors labor camp by the current situation, the possibility of far less than the possibility of fine-tuning, as this would require a test of a local government to the courage of bold self-correcting. But Xiesu Ming, Huang Cheng Cheng obviously labor camp decision errors have been wronged, they will not stop because Chongqing City the Detention Commission's refusal to admit and final facial wash away the stain of life footsteps. The Chongqing labor camp Commission will remain trapped in the the error correction maelstrom, to pay for the past. (Original title: "Chongqing error correction case in favor of the the Chongqing City labor camp Commission triggered the wave of reeducation through labor complaint caught error correction whirlpool)

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