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01/14/13 at 03:38's wife told reporters, the day she was feeding Tong Shi see Tong Shi seems to be little appetite, not quite willing to eat the feed. In the afternoon, (...) , gradually and Tong Shi whitened floating on the pond surface. Yesterday afternoon, the fish pond, (...) , the reporter saw a dead pond Shi floating on the pond surface, the stench of the sky, but still alive Tong Tong Shi also water constantly beating. Lao Tan picked up a live Tong Shi from the pond, (...) , the reporter saw its surface has been out of the skin, "Tong Shi died of symptoms." Lao Tan said, http://www.isabelmarantfr8sneakers.com , the fishpond water from pond drains, nearby farmers to use water with a ditch because daytime vegetable farmers use irrigated dish, so he is to the fish pond in the evening changing the water, http://www.louboutinpascherboutique.fr . The evening of the 20th, just to the fish ponds for the water, the next day problems, http://www.lancelpascherccfr.com , and the other two Tong Tong Shi did not this is the case, therefore Laotan suspect water quality contamination. "These days, died about 4 million kilograms of 20,000 kilos of Tong Shi two days will be dead." Laotan reluctantly told reporters, the port the fish ponds month feed costs about 15,000 , originally thought after the end of the Tong Shi sell, you can feed the money paid to the merchant. But hard six months ago, and eventually get a pond of dead fish, feed also owed more than 10 million of the money. Tong Shi death by pollution Laotan fish ponds on the acres of vegetable fields, more than 20 households near farmers have also found that the vegetables begin to brown ground. Yesterday afternoon, from Fuzhou, Jiangxi farmers for old Liu pointing and grow into lettuce sold in the market could get distressed and said: "Now we do not dare cross sell out, sell not sell." It is old Liu introduced him at noon on the 19th using the canal water irrigation, water quality milky our hands after contact started itching, white, also become very rough. "old Liu said, I did not expect the next day discovered the vegetables appeared strange, all yellow seedlings planted vegetables leaves slowly fade. Yesterday, the reporter saw at the scene, and drains the strong side of this weed has been dry, underwater, there are many dead snail, (...) . Farmers have doubts, vegetable dishes and fish pond Tong Shi, subject to the same water pollution, the farmers then not use drains watered, http://www.hollisterscoutletuk.org.uk . "Four mu of vegetable land per household, at least on the acres of vegetable fields by the pollution." Old Liu said reluctantly. Victims factory outfalls even moss are white in order to find the source of pollution, Laotan and vegetable farmers have the day before yesterday all the way down the drains go to look for, to flow through at the surrounding plants spared dry. Lao Tan said the plant dry until they find a glass factory near the entrance of Pak Sha Tsuen, only changed, http://www.hollisterscoutletuk.org.uk . Drains after plant after plant outfall water quality is very white brick ditch also very clean, even the moss are white, http://www.hollisterscoutletuk.org.uk , but the factory upstream water quality on normal waterside miscellaneous no yellow grass. "To this end, the Laotan and farmers suspect that the factory secretly to the drains sewage water, which leads to the the fish died vegetables yellow. Complaint Laotan to the Environmental Protection Bureau of Baiyun District, the day before, (...) , the environmental protection department staff to the scene to extract the water samples, the water quality contamination reasons but also for further investigation, (...) .

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