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01/13/13 at 23:40since install a pacemaker in the 1970s, Sansao no longer continue to work in the kitchen, the mother of the five children from the switch to the cleaners, (...) . The boys have always liked to party in the canteen, often revelry into the wee hours two or three in the morning, http://www.hollisterccdeonlineshop.com , she always wait until the party is over, again alone into the clean-up on the floor, beer, (...) , snacks and stains, http://www.sacgivenchyccfr.com . That mopping alone in the early morning canteen the humpback elderly back so many students total dare not forget.

she clearly more like to another call - Husband ranked third Sansao title in Hong Kong adults call for more than half a century.

she did not have on university and do not know what is for students to cook, sweep the floor - at the podium, the 82-year-old ordinary old lady called

presentation ceremony for her for the first time use Chinese

three months after the , when wearing a hat, how to salute, lest

According to the China Youth Daily

she already retired, http://www.louboutinoutletccuk.com , but she in fact has never really left the university campus.

Proved, nomination of Sansao

compared with these celebrities, http://www.isabelmarantfr8sneakers.com , the curriculum vitae of the old man was extremely thin - qualifications: did not read the primary school, in addition to its own name, She was also not write another word, (...) ; work experience: from 29 years old to 73 years old, in big school dormitory of the University of Hong Kong has served as assistant chef and dormitory attendants and other staff.

she just brought out a heart of people Sansao but can not tell whether the In her opinion, Work in the dormitory, (...) , her eldest son, the United States read astronomy professional, she was just a mother's heart to go take care of this group of the same outer studying children.

this in accordance with the traditional ceremony conducted entirely in English at the moment because she used the first time the Chinese. Dean of Student Affairs of the University of Hong Kong, Albert Chau read in English addressed to the old man's Eulogy, again followed by Youyi Cantonese speech. Until then, never educated Yuan Su-mei was understood, awarded Fellow of honor, http://www.isabelmarantfr8sneakers.com , in recognition of her

70-year-old Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited Executive Deputy Chairman Norman Leung Nai-pang remember the year before the examination, Chen Hsiang-Jung is remembered, the eve of the final exam fever Sansao fried with a few hours a bowl of herbal tea to him,

she was scheduled finale appearance. This day with her on the same stage to accept the award, http://www.abercrombiebeonlineshop.com , former Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Raymond Or, the eldest son of Hong Kong billionaire Lee Shau Kee Lee Ka Kit, and won the Bronze Bauhinia Star Senior Counsel Kenneth Kwok.

often students specifically went to the canteen to look for her chat. The boys always talk to her own depression, such as do not know how to please his girlfriend like. The girls will also to find Sansao, complaining about boys Most of the time, http://www.hollistercofcmagasin.com , Sansao just patiently listening to stories, http://www.louboutinoutletccuk.com , to say something again plain truth, Graduates each year in the afternoon, there will be many students wearing bachelor gowns came specially posed for pictures with her.

At that time, the audience of more than 20

2009 Nian September 22, when the University of Hong Kong, an Honorary Fellow of the moment, to her 82-year-old woman,

She was still living in public housing estates in North Point a built in 12 years ago?, Her red side black the academicians gown and soft academicians cap stack up gingerly collection box.

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