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01/13/13 at 23:48100 cities nationwide sample of new residential statistics show that October in malls and new residential average price of 8768 yuan / square meter, up 0.17% MoM in September, http://www.hollisterccfrmagasin.com , continuous stabilized in June 2012 rose 5, or with the previous month, 56 city ring up more than 42 cities down the chain, (...) , unchanged from the two cities, http://www.louboutinoutletccuk.com . The same period last year, the malls and new house prices fell by 1.00 percent compared to October last year, http://www.hollisterccbeonlineshop.com , the seventh consecutive month of year-on-year decline, but the decline is shrinking, last month narrowed 0.40%.

Yangzi Evening News (Reporter Zhang Yao) October new home market is picking up steam, http://www.sacgivenchyccfr.com . According to the statistics of the middle finger homes, the top ten cities in new home prices qoq rise, the overall average increase of 0.33%, (...) . Guangzhou rose 1.04% in Shanghai, rose at least 0.03%, http://www.isabelmarantfr8sneakers.com , the Nanjing or 0.39%, ranked fourth, http://www.sacgivenchyccfr.com . Which half of the urban housing prices year-on-year rebound in Nanjing, a year-on-year in October last year, house prices are still down 0, http://www.hollisterccdeonlineshop.com .38%.

It is understood that in October new home subscription amount of Nanjing has suffered in March losing streak the hand housing did not obtain the attention of victories, trading volume fell for the second month in a row. At the same time, according to the statistics of the the middle fingers hospital data, the October average price of second-hand housing in Nanjing slight edge lower in volume and price down. According to the statistics of the Nanjing online real estate data, October Nanjing second-hand housing turnover of 4919 sets the ring fell by 5.7% compared with September 5217 sets; turnover in the previous September than in August fell into Nanjing second-hand housing market has been two months losing streak. From the regional point of view, Jiangning Pukou still turnover of the main sum of the two districts reached 1476 units, accounting for three percent of the city's total turnover.

price, according to the China Index Research Institute survey, average price of second-hand housing samples of the main city of Nanjing in October to 17, http://hollisters8it.webnode.it ,145 yuan / square meter, down 0.07%. According to the statistics of the three six five estate home furnishing network, even below the million mark in late October, Jiangning District, the average price of second-hand housing. That the second-hand housing price fell with a pre-listing sales faster good listings, the recent sharp decline in the relevant full house marketing manager Li Yuan. In fact, the reduction in the volume of second-hand housing is also subject to optional good listings to reduce drag. , Told reporters, http://www.hollistercofcmagasin.com , the full house jiangdong a store manager, said shipments in the first few months is too much, even they the intermediary also worry about no good recommend listings, http://www.hollisterccbeonlineshop.com .

In addition, according to the the middle finger hospital's data, the top ten cities, including Nanjing, the six cities Used home prices fell, the largest decline in Hangzhou reached 0.95%, the largest increase in Shenzhen 1.95%.

Original title: The top ten cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou in October new home prices rose

(Editor: Ningzhao Gang)

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