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11/18/12 at 18:39It was Valentine, ,the boy is because you have no girlfriend, feel lonely ,so he went to Internet cafes ,open the computer ,enter the game ,only in a game in his mind was released .Br/ and the girl also because not long ago abandoned by her boyfriend and feel sad ,she wanted to sleep, but how are unable to close the eye ,then open the computer ,the QQ ,want to find friends to talk about the heart .
* * * the boy play tired ,on the Q looking for friends to chat, as are known ,so he added a new user ,it is the girl QQ ,and thus to tell each other lonely ,because each other to talk, so they put some of their own things to say to each other to listen .
* * * the original flavor ,boy ,at the age of 18, he is now a bar singing ,his heart to heart talk .* * * the boy play tired ,on the Q looking for friends to chat, as are known ,so he added a new user http://www.edhardyvente.fr ,it is the girl QQ ,and thus to tell each other lonely ,because each other to talk, so they put some of their own things to say to each other to listen .
* * * the original flavor ,boy ,at the age of 18, he is now a bar singing ,his family is not very rich, it also became his job ,because he likes singing .While the girl she called Yan ,was in high school ,achievement is outstanding http://www.buyabercrombiefitchsale.biz ,the home of wealthy ,she was very sympathetic to the boy ,and they became good friends .
...Every day they talked late into the night, while the boys also produced a favorable impression on the girls ,girls also like a boy .The boy birthday that day ,he decided to ask the girl, if the girl promised ,it will be his best birthday present .
Then ,the boy very early on ,Xin ,Xin on look ,just to say to the girl in Afghanistan ,I have something to tell you . Xin: good ,you say . Chill : be my girlfriend is good ,I find I love you more and more every day ,waiting for you on the line ,you will be overcome by one I think of you ,you are the first girl let me heartbeat ,promise me ?I am serious http://www.soldepaulsmith.eu .
... ... One minute ... In five minutes ... ... The girl has no response, the boy that girl angry ,he said I don make fun of ,believe me? Here ,the girls are contradictory ,the boy to tell her she is happy ,but she was afraid of the boy just a spur of the moment ,to allow him and would like his former boyfriend that dumped her ,think it over and over again ,the girl still screwed up enough courage to ask: are you serious ?Will be a lifetime good to me ? Because she likes a boy ,also want to have a look before he tried to interact ,question .
The boy is very happy, the girl didn him, he said : Yan ,my feelings for you without any false ,although I have no money ,but I will put my only everything to you, including my heart .
The girl listened to said happily : cold ,you know ,I also like you ,but I was hurt ,was not easily love . The boy was heartache ,girl was hurt, he more pity girl : rest assured ,if one day I left you ,I must let the car .
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...The boy has several days did not talk to a girl ,because he is being prepared and girl meet gift ,he has been looking for a suitable girl things, every day, tired and returned home to lay down ,but on her face there was a smile always .
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no apologies, followed shouted: I want her to get the wrong idea, lie ,I love you ,let us be together? The boy angrily left a rolling snatched up the clothes to Internet cafes run .
..The way to keep the girls call ,but had been shut down, the QQ ,did not see the girl ,that girl is really angry ,just leave her a message wife ,believe me ,she just work with me ,we do not have any, don ,believe me, I love you so ,don i !The boy do the girls night in .
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Why don ?When I know that she is your girlfriend when you know how much I heartache ?I don you can live ,so I chose to die, promise me ,to love her ,don get hurt like with me ,I will be in heaven bless you ~ forever love your wife t .
..After reading the letter, the boy out ,she smiled and kissed the girl cold lips ,cold ,like his mood ,he stroked the girl ,smile and say : wife ,I have this life only love you, you are dead ,I will not live my wife and I , !Boy girl Dutch act the knife slit his wrists .
Finally, when the girl family found them, boys are already dead ,he was holding the girl ,her face with a smile .As for soft ,she did not expect this move has killed two people ,she !.
..So ,boys, love a person ,don others take advantage of separate you, to protect you ,not to the end of a tragedy !I can not turn, let the car out ,my friend is very interesting I
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